WordPress Plugins to Install

As we get started, once you give us ‘administrator’ access to your WordPress site, we will install and configure a few plugins.  These are the plugins we’ll install:

All clients of Audience Ops will receive free licenses for these plugins, and we will install, configure, and use them to deliver our service.

Content Upgrades

We use the Content Upgrades plugin to create unique email opt-in call-to-actions embedded in your posts.  For more information about how we use Content Upgrades, click here.

Landing Pages

If we’re creating a lead magnet for you, such as an email course or eBook, then as part of this project, we can create a landing page to be used to promote it.  We use the Landing Pages plugin to create an optimized Landing Page used to promote your email course lead magnet.  This is useful if you’re driving targeted traffic to your course, perhaps from PPC campaigns, Retargeting campaigns, guest article links, or other incoming traffic sources.

Better Click to Tweet

We use this popular plugin, which enables us to embed a “Click to Tweet” quote, allowing your readers to easily Tweet a compelling quote from your blog posts.

Buffer for WordPress

We use this plugin to connect with your Buffer.com account.  This enables us to pre-schedule multiple social media posts to your Buffer account, while ensuring these posts don’t actually get queued up for publishing until the article that they are linked to has published from your WordPress blog.

We Recommend:

We will not install this for you (unless you ask us to).  We don’t require you to use them, but we recommend:

Yoast SEO

This plugin adds some SEO optimization tools.  If you are using this plugin, then we will fill in the optimization fields when setting up your blog posts.