WordPress Access

In order for us to schedule and publish blog content for you, you’ll need to provide us with access to your WordPress account—which you take care of when filling out our “Getting Started” form after your kickoff call.

There are two different options for the level of access you can give us:

Administrator Access — Recommended

Making us an administrator gives us the ability to not only create blog posts, but also install and update plugins. If you want to be hands-off with the process, we recommend you give us administrator access. This means we can install the plugins we’ll need, without requiring anything from you.

If you prefer, you can give us temporary administrator access to your WordPress account to have us install those plugins, and then move us to “Author” access once that’s complete.

Author Access

This allows us to publish posts for you, without the ability to install any plugins. This means you’ll need to take care of installing the plugins yourself.

This is definitely doable, but makes for more work on your end. So, again, we recommend giving us administrator access—even if it’s just temporary.