When is the best day to publish and send blog posts and newsletters?

The day of the week you choose to make your standard publishing day for blog posts, as well as the day you send email newsletters generally isn’t super critical. It often depends on other factors like if you have ohhwr emails sending on certain days.
But here are our general best practices:
  • We default to Mondays since this allows the full week for the post to be opened, shared, etc. But if you’d prefer to have us publish on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays, that’s not a problem!
  • Fridays and weekends aren’t ideal, since people are more likely to tune out and not open emails these days.
  • We will avoid publishing on holidays like Christmas and New Years.
  • US morning hours are best so that you can catch most of your US and European audience before they’re sleeping.
  • We schedule social media posts throughout the week so that these can be seen on a variety of days.