Setting up Content Upgrades if you’re not using WordPress

To learn about what a Content Upgrade is and how it works,  read our guide here.

If you use WordPress, then we’ll the Content Upgrades WordPress plugin, which is specifically designed for the purpose of setting up unique Content Upgrades on each and every blog article.

But what if you’re not using WordPress? For example, what if you’re using SquareSpace, HubSpot, Ghost, or some other CMS?

No problem!  We’ll still do Content Upgrades for you.  However, setting them up will require a different workflow and toolset (since we can’t use our WordPress plugin).

We ask that you purchase an  OptinMonster account on their Starter Plan (as of this writing: $19/month or $108/year). We found that this tool enables us to set up all of the pieces necessary to execute Content Upgrades on each individual blog article.

Why is OptinMonster required?

It’s only required if you do not use WordPress for your blog, and if you want us to set up Content Upgrades for you.

The reason we use OptinMonster is that it provides the most seamless workflow for setting up call-to-actions, popup forms, delivery of unique bonus content for each popup form, and integration to your email list.  Our team has been trained on using OptinMonster for Content Upgrades in cases where WordPress isn’t being used.

How will it integrate with my email marketing tool?

OptinMonster has built-in integrations with all of the most popular email marketing tools, such as Mailchimp, HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, Infusionsoft and many more.  See their integrations page here.

In the rare cases, if you’re using a lesser-known email tool that OptinMonster doesn’t integrate directly with, then there’s a good chance your tool is connect-able using  In this case, we’ll ask you to set up a Zapier account, which we’ll then use to connect OptinMonster to your email tool.

Can I setup Content Upgrades myself instead?

Of course!

If you prefer to handle the setup of each individual Content Upgrade yourself (using whatever tool you prefer), that’s totally fine too! We’ll provide you with the bonus content PDF that we create for each article. You’ll just need to set up the Content Upgrade.

This entails:

  • Creating a call-to-action box midway through the article content
  • Creating a popup form, triggered when the call-to-action is clicked.
  • Configuring the auto-response after the form is filled out, to deliver the unique bonus content (PDF) attached to this form / this article.
  • Integrating with your email marketing tool to pass along the subscriber’s info and tag them accordingly.

Keep in mind—You’ll need to do this separately for each individual blog article, and on schedule with your publishing calendar. This is why we recommend letting us handle this recurring setup process for you 🙂

Can’t we just use Drip or Mailchimp to create the Content Upgrades?

Not really. These are great at creating global email opt-in forms.  For example, Drip’s slide-up form is typically seen across many pages on your site, and is set up to respond with a single, global piece of content (like an Email Course).

Content Upgrades, on the other hand, are unique to each and every blog article.

It’s true, that you can create many unique forms in a tool like Drip or Mailchimp. But that only covers one piece of the Content Upgrade. You’ll still need:

  • An embeddable call-to-action box to visually call attention to the Content Upgrade midway through the blog article article content.  Drip/Mailchimp don’t provide this, so this would need to be designed custom.
  • The auto-response with a link to download the unique bonus content (PDF). You’ll need to set up a unique automation workflow for each and every Content Upgrade form in Drip or Mailchimp to accomplish this.  This becomes unmanageable and very time consuming to setup.

Can we opt to not have Content Upgrades at all?

Sure, that’s no problem. If you prefer, we can omit Content Upgrades from our process for you.

However, you’ll miss out on the opportunity to capture visitor’s email addresses when they read your articles. You can still attract subscribers using your global lead magnet, such as an Email Course (which would be seen across many pages on your site).

But what makes Content Upgrades convert so well is that they’re unique and highly relevant to the particular topic of the article they came with. This is why we recommend doing them in addition to having your global lead magnet in place, and it’s why we include this as part of our service.