Lead Magnets: Email Course vs. eBook and other FAQs

Your Audience Ops plan may include having us create a Lead Magnet.  This page will help answer some common questions.

Does my Audience Ops Plan include a Lead Magnet?

It may or it may not.  If you’re unsure, you can always reach out to Brian to ask him to clarify which plan you’re on.

At the time of this writing, Audience Ops offers 3 plans.  2 of them include a Lead Magnet:

  • Standard:  Includes a Lead Magnet
  • Light+:  Includes a Lead Magnet
  • Light:  Does not include a Lead Magnet

Can I purchase a Lead Magnet later on?

Yes — If your initial plan with us did not include a Lead Magnet and you would like to have us create one for you later on, we can do that.  Or, perhaps we did do one Lead Magnet for you early on, and you’d like to have us create another one, perhaps one that targets a different customer segment.  We can do that too.

Reach out to Brian to discuss purchasing a Lead Magnet as a one-off project.

Why would I need a Lead Magnet (instead of just blog content)?

Your Lead Magnet is a content asset that serves a few different purposes for your business:

  • It’s a high-value, useful resource that educates your customers about the core problem that your business solves
  • It helps attract email subscribers to your list, and serves as an asset you can promote in exchange for email addresses.  Some clients run ads pointing to their lead magnet, others rely on purely organic traffic to their lead magnet.
  • It delivers highly valuable content to your new subscribers’ email inbox, which “sets the tone” for what’s to come and makes them more likely to open future emails from you.

OK… But what is a Lead Magnet, exactly?

Lead Magnets can come in many different forms.  At Audience Ops, we create your Lead Magnet in one of 2 common formats:

  • Email Course — Our most popular and typically most recommended option.  This is a multi-day email drip campaign (a.k.a. “autoresponder” campaign), positioned as a “crash course”.  We set this up in your email marketing tool so that subscribers automically receive the series of educational emails that we write.  For more information about Email Courses, click here.
  • eBook — Alternatively, we can create your Lead Magnet as an eBook (a.k.a. “white paper”) instead of an Email Course.  An eBook is a single, downloadable PDF document, with all of the content that would normally go into your multi-day email course packed into a single, digestible, eBook.  We use a simple, clean design template for the eBook PDF and we’ll set up the delivery of the ebook to email subscribers who opt-in for it.

Our most typical recommendation is the Email Course format, since it keeps your new subscribers engaged over several days, and “drips” out your content in bite-sized pieces.  However, an eBook might make more sense for your business if you feel your customers aren’t likely to tune into a multi-day email campaign, and perhaps they’re more inclined to get the content all at once.  This is common if you’re selling to enterprise / larger clients, who are more familiar with the idea of a white paper.

You can discuss your preferred format and our recommendations during your kickoff call with your manager and writer.

Regardless of which format you choose (Email Course or eBook), it will always include the following:

  • Approximately 5,000 words of content
  • We’ll research and propose the topic for you
  • We’ll present the topic and outline to you for your review and approval
  • It will go through our standard writing and editing process
  • You will be invited to review and add comments to our draft before finalizing
  • We will set up the delivery of your Lead Magnet to subscribers in your email marketing tool
  • If you’re using Drip, then we’ll set up and activate Drip’s popup form on your website, where visitors can opt-in for your Lead Magnet.  If you’re using something other than Drip, we can work together to find the form or popup solution for your visitors.
  • We will write and create a simple, focused landing page, which you can use as the “destination” to point traffic to when you want to promote this Lead Magnet directly.  This is useful when running ads to it, linking to it from your guest appearances, linking to it from your email signature, etc.

Is the Lead Magnet the same as “Content Upgrades”?

No — Your Lead Magnet is not the same as Content Upgrades.

Content Upgrades are smaller, 1-page, pieces of bonus content, which we package with each individual blog article.  You might think of Content Upgrades as “mini” Lead Magnets.  Content Upgrades are always included in all of our service plans at Audience Ops.  They’re a standard part of our blog article production process.  For more information about Content Upgrades, click here.

Your Lead Magnet (Email Course or Ebook), is a separate, larger piece of content.  Unlike Content Upgrades, which are promoted only a specific blog article, your Lead Magnet is intended to be promoted throughout your website, your blog, on social media, and anywhere else you want to link to it.

How long does it take to launch a Lead Magnet?

Typically, it takes about 6 weeks from start to finish and launch of your Lead Magnet.  But this can depend on how quickly we receive feedback and approval on various stages of our Lead Magnet creation process.

What is the process for creating a Lead Magnet?

Our production process for your Lead Magnet looks like this:

  • Week 1:  Phone call to interview you and discuss potential topics
  • Week 2:  Present a topic and outline for your Lead Magnet and get your feedback and approval.
  • Weeks 3-4:  We write and do copyediting and internal review of the draft.
  • Weeks 4-5:  We invite you to review and give comments and edits on the draft.
  • Week 6:  With the draft finalized, we will package and set up your lead magnet in your email marketing software, and launch it on your website.

Is the Lead Magnet intended to promote my business?

Ultimately, yes.  However, the strategy is to teach and provide value up-front, and then pitch your business.

First, we decide on a topic that is highly relevant to the problem that your business solves for customers.  Then we plan an educational Email Course or eBook all about that topic.  Why it’s important.  How your target customers deal with this problem.  The best practices surrounding it, and so on.

After we’ve taught the best practices, we then introduce your business as the logical next step to implementing those best practices.

Then we follow up with answers to common questions.

What happens after a person receives my Lead Magnet?

Sometimes, a lead magnet can “lead” a person to immediately become a lead or a customer for your product or service.

A more common outcome is subscribers receive your lead magnet, build up lots of trust with you initially, then stay tuned into your content over the coming weeks and months after receiving your lead magnet.  Once they eventually have a need for your solution (or when they know someone who does), your name will be at the top of their mind, since you’ve been returning to their inbox on a regular basis these past few months.

Have more questions about lead magnets?

Contact your manager anytime at hello@audienceops.com.