FAQ For Infusionsoft Users

Although Infusionsoft is not our recommended email marketing platform ( Drip is the tool we highly recommend if you’re starting up with email marketing or thinking about moving to a new one), if you’re already using Infusionsoft, then here’s some info about how Audience Ops can “plug in” into your workflow.

Why we don’t recommend Infusionsoft (but we can still work with it!)

We don’t recommend Infusionsoft for a few reasons.  Primarily, we think it is over-complicated and too confusing to use.  In fact, it often requires hiring a 3rd party consultant just to help you operate your Infusionsoft!  Not to mention, Infusionsoft itself is quite expensive compared to other tools on the market today—and frankly, it’s not necessarily better than lower-priced alternatives.
Alternatives like  Drip offer a similar set of “email automation” features, with a far simpler interface.  It’s also easier to integrate in your website.
That said, we know that Infusionsoft users have already paid a substantial setup fee to use that platform, and oftentimes are entrenched in their system with no plans to move.  So if you find yourself in this boat, then we’re still happy to work together!

How to enable Audience Ops to input content in your Infusionsoft account

Since every Infusionsoft account is a little different, each with it’s own intricate system of automations, workflows, and lists, and integrations, we (Audience Ops) will need a little guidance from you in regards to where we should input the content we produce for you.
Typically, Infusionsoft users are fairly familiar with the system and can point us in the right direction.  But if you need help with operating or setting up your Infusionsoft account, then it might make sense to work with a dedicated Infusionsoft consultant—and put that person in contact with us.  The company we highly recommend for this  System.ly.  They can help you (and us) organize your subscriber funnels, campaigns, tagging strategy, and broadcast emails.

What we’ll need from you:

There are two things that Audience Ops will produce for you, which will need to be inputted in your Infusionsoft account.  We’ll need guidance from you (or your consultant) as to where we should place these items in your Infusionsoft account:

Your Email Course Campaign

(If you opted for our Email Course package) We will write a 7-part educational email sequence to serve as your primary “lead magnet”.
Here’s what we’ll need from you:
  • Point us to a “Campaign” that is configured to send to people who subscribe to your course from your website.  This campaign’s content can be blank.  We’ll fill it in with our 7-email sequence.
  • You/your team can then “launch” this course to your subscribers and/or integrate your website signup forms to subscribe visitors to it.

Your Weekly Broadcast Newsletters

In addition to your automated email course, we’ll also send weekly (or bi-weekly) “live” email newsletters to promote your latest article that we’ve published on your blog.

Here’s what we’ll need from you:

  • Provide us with a simple set of guidelines as to who we should define as your recipients (or “contacts” who should receive your weekly newsletter.  The more detail you can provide, the better.  Specific tips as to the specific settings you want us to define in your weekly broadcast newsletters will be helpful.
  • Alternatively, you may choose to manage the sending your email blasts yourself.  In this case, we will provide you with the finished text for each weekly newsletter, which you or your team can then input and schedule to send in Infusionsoft.