FAQ: Buffer for Social Media Posting

The tool we recommend and use for scheduling social media posts to promote your content is Buffer.

This article answers a few frequently asked questions in regards to how Audience Ops can operate your Buffer account for you:

Which Buffer plan do I need to sign up for?

For the most up-to-date pricing info for Buffer, click here.  *Prices quoted below are as of this writing.

Generally speaking, we recommend you open a Buffer account on any of these plans:  Free, Pro ($15/month*) or Small Business ($99/month*).  Most of our clients choose the Pro plan.

The Free plan is fine, but has some limitations:  You can connect 3 social profiles and we’ll only be able to schedule 10 social posts at any given time.  We typically have more than that scheduled when they cover multiple blog articles, so that’s something to consider.

The Pro plan is suitable for most clients.  You can connect more than 3 social accounts, and there is no limit to the number of posts we can schedule.

The Small Business plan adds the ability to send our team a dedicated “invite” rather than having to provide us with your login info to use.

How can I give Audience Ops access to my Buffer account?

If you’re using the Free or Pro plan, then you’ll need to share your one login with Audience Ops.

Be sure to sign up for Buffer using your email and create a strong password.  Then share that login with us.  Don’t share your Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin login with us.

Already signed up for Buffer using Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin? Here’s how to switch your account to use an email and password:  Visit https://buffer.com/oops and enter the email address associated with your Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin account.  Receive the password reset email, then follow that link to set your new password.  Once that’s done, send us your email and password to use to log into your Buffer account.

If you’re on the Business plan, then you’ll have the option to send a dedicated invite for our team (instead of sharing your own login).  Send that invite to hello@audienceops.com.

Which social profiles can you post to using my Buffer account?

Buffer can connect to all of the major social networks.  But these are typically the profiles that our clients want us to post to (and the ones we recommend):

  • Your company Twitter account
  • Your company Facebook Page
  • Your company Linkedin Page

Optional additions:

  • Instagram
  • Your personal Twitter account(s)
  • Your personal Linkedin account(s)

Can I see stats on how my Buffered social posts are performing?

Yes, Buffer provides stats on all posts published via Buffer.

We at Audience Ops will review these stats to note which topics resonate most with your audience.  We’ll factor in those insights when we’re planning a new batch of content for you.

I received a notice about someone logging into my Buffer account from a new location. What’s that about?

You might receive an automated notification from Buffer from time-to-time, informing you that someone from a new or different location has logged into your account.  This is a routine security precaution.  Since you’re working with Audience Ops, and our team is based in various locations, you can disregard these email notifications.

Audience Ops has team members located throughout the United States and overseas.  All of the content we create (articles, content for social posts, etc.) is created by our team of US-based writers.  Our overseas staff handles the input and scheduling of social posts in your Buffer account.

Why do you post more to Twitter than any other social network?

This has to do with the nature of the newsfeeds on each of the platforms.
It’s fine (and recommended) to post multiple tweets covering various time zones so that different members can catch those tweets if they missed others.
But on Facebook and LinkedIn, these newsfeeds don’t really work that same way, which  means reposting the same content multiple times on those platforms can look repetitive.
This is our default. But, of course, all of this can be adjusted by client request.