Email Newsletters

So, you’ve heard us mention these “email newsletters” a few different times, and they sound great. But, what on earth are they? Here’s what you need to know about these broadcasts.

What exactly are email newsletters?

For each blog post we create for you, we’ll also draft a corresponding email newsletter to drive your email subscribers to view your new post. These newsletters are sent out on the publish day of your post, approximately an hour after the post publishes.

Who do you send email newsletters to?

In the “Getting Started” form you filled out following your kickoff call, you indicated what email list you’d like these weekly newsletters distributed to. We’ll send these weekly or bi-weekly broadcasts to that list as instructed, unless you tell us otherwise.

We recommend sending your email newsletters to anyone who has opted-in to receive content from you.  We can help you configure your email tool (we recommend Drip) to tag and classify subscribers who should receive your newsletters.

What if I want my newsletters to be more branded?

This is a question we get about our email newsletters pretty frequently. The newsletters we create for your blog posts are mainly text-based. But, for good reason.

We don’t recommend a heavily designed and branded email, as we’ve found that a plain text email is more personable, making it that much more likely to get opened and read.

We will sign off your emails with “YOUR NAME and the team at YOUR COMPANY NAME”. However, if you have a simple template created that includes your preferred signature, we can utilize that pre-set template when creating your newsletter. Just let us know!

Are email newsletters different from an email course?

Great question! Yes, if you signed up to have us create your email course, these weekly newsletters are a totally separate initiative. While email newsletters are sent out regularly to promote specific blog posts, your email course is a standalone email series (consisting of seven total emails) that people can sign up for on your website.