Email Course: What is it?

What is an email course?

If you signed up for this as part of your package, we’ll be creating an email course for you to offer to your subscribers.

An email course is a series of seven emails to educate and engage your audience. Emails 1-5 are educational lessons to teach your audience something valuable. Email 6 shares your business as the next logical step to take to address all of the problems and challenges that were shared throughout the course. Finally, Email 7 answers approximately five common questions about your product or service, and acts as that final nudge for subscribers who may not have taken action after Email 6.

What does the process for creating an email course look like?

STEP ONE: At approximately the same time you receive your initial editorial calendar document from us (3-4 business days after your kickoff call), you’ll also receive a Google Doc outline for your email course. You’re welcome to provide feedback here using the “Comment” feature in Google Docs, so that we can nail down an outline that you’re really happy with.

STEP TWO: Once we have your approval on the outline, we’ll move forward with drafting all seven emails. We typically give our writers two weeks to draft all of these emails.

STEP THREE: The entire course will go through our internal editing process to make these drafts the best they can be.

STEP FOUR: Once those drafts are edited, you’ll receive the drafts in a Google Doc for your review (approximately two and a half weeks after you received the outline). Again, use the “Comment” feature to offer your feedback and suggestions.

STEP FIVE: We’ll address and finalize any revisions to ensure you’re happy with the email drafts.

STEP SIX: When the drafts are finalized and approved, we’ll set them up in your email marketing platform and get them ready to launch. You’ll receive a link to the entire course once it’s ready for you to launch.

STEP SEVEN: You’ll need to set up a call-to-action on your website encouraging your readers to sign up for the course. We can help with the wording for this. Just ask us!

STEP EIGHT: Activate the email course, and watch your list continue to grow!

All in all, the total production time for an email course (from outline creation to ready to launch) lasts between 4 and 5 weeks, depending on approval times and what revisions are required.