Drip Email Automation

If you’re using  Drip, then we will set up our recommended automation workflows for you, and help you set up your new or existing Drip account.

If you’re using a tool other than Drip, then you can implement similar automations, if possible.

These are the email automations we recommend, which we can set up for you in your Drip account:

Email Newsletters

We’ll tag all subscribers who should be receiving your newsletter with the tag, “Newsletter”.

When we set up and schedule your weekly broadcast newsletter, we’ll set up the recipients to be all subscribers who have the tag “Newsletter”.

Email Course (or eBook)

If we created an email course (or eBook) for you, we will set it up so that anyone who subscribes to this course will be tagged “[Course] Name of Course”.

We will also set up an automation to temporarily remove the “Newsletter” tag while a person is actively going through your email course.  This ensures they won’t be overwhelmed with too many emails during the week they are going through your course. Once they complete your email course sequence, the “Newsletter” tag will be re-applied and they’ll receive your weekly email newsletters going forward.

Content Upgrades

Whenever someone opts-in for a Content Upgrade on your blog, our WordPress plugin will automatically send that subscriber’s info (name & email) into your Drip account.

We’ll automatically tag those people with two tags, making it easy to filter by people who received any Content Upgrade or those who received a specific Content Upgrade.  Those 2 tags are:

  • “Content Upgrade”
  • “[Content Upgrade] Name of the Content Upgrade”

We’ll also set up an automated, conditional*, email that is sent to someone approximately 1 week after receiving a Content Upgrade.  This email will “pitch” your email course and allow them to subscribe to it by clicking a link in that email.  *This email will only be sent if the person has not yet gone through your course.