Blog Categories

Before we begin drafting an articles for your blog, you’ll receive a document from us. This document details your target customer, the first batch of blog post titles we plan to publish, and the general themes and categories we plan to cover on your blog. As you might expect, these categories will group similar posts together, and will eventually become large resource collections on their own.

How many categories should you have on your blog?

One question we get pretty frequently is about how many categories is too many. In our document, we’ll share anywhere between 4-7 categories of topics we want to cover. If you have categories of your own that you want to keep (such as product announcements and company news), these can start to add up.

There’s no hard and fast rule about how many blog categories you should have. The important part is to ensure that each category brings something different to the table for your target audience.

It’s possible that some or many of your existing categories can be combined with ours to avoid any overlap. If you have questions or would like further direction with your existing categories to identify any overlap or redundancy, feel free to let us know!