Getting Started with Ops Calendar

You made it!  You're in Ops Calendar for the first time.  Welcome!

Here's brief checklist of things you may want to do to get things set up.  You'll find links to other help docs for each.

As always, don't hesitate to  reach out to us.  We're here to help!

  1. Install our WordPress plugin
    Only if you use WordPress (if not, that's OK!).  This plugin will enable 2-way syncing between Ops Calendar and your posts in WordPress.   

    Instructions for activating WordPress 2-way sync  |  How WordPress 2-way sync works
  2. Create your checklist template(s)
    This are powerful smart checklists you and your team follow for every piece of content. These will automatically determine due dates and assignments based on when each piece of content is scheduled to publish.  Automation FTW!

    Creating and using checklist templates

  3. Connect your Social Media profiles
    This will enable you to set up queues of social posts to promote your content, right from Ops Calendar!  They sync with your content schedule too, so you'll never post a broken link or forget to run social promotion.  Boom!

    Connecting and scheduling social media
  4. Connect your Google Analytics account
    This will enable you to see traffic data in Ops Calendar on individual published blog posts!

    Connecting your Google Analytics account

  5. Invite your teammates
    Ops Calendar is all about collaboration.  Invite your teammates so that you can assign recurring tasks and collaborate on content production.

    Inviting teammates