Inviting a teammate

If your plan allows, you can invite multiple teammates to access your calendar account.

Invite a teammate

  1. Go to Settings > "Team & Roles"
  2. Click "Invite a Teammate"
  3. Enter the teammate's name and email address, then click "Send Invitation".  This will send an email to this person asking them to accept your invitation to join your Audience Ops Calendar account.
  4. Until they accept the invite, this person will be listed and marked as "Pending".  If you need to, you can re-send the invitation, or cancel the invitation.
  5. Your teammate will need to open the email they received and click the link inside.  This will take them to a page prompting them to create their own password.  They will use their own email address and their own password to log into Audience Ops Calendar.
  6. Once they create their password, they will be able to access and operate your Calendar.  They will no longer be marked as pending.