Creating & queuing social media posts

Social media posts in Audience Ops Calendar are intended to promote specific pieces of content in your calendar. You can set up a queue of social media posts to promote each individual content item on your calendar.

  1. Click any content item on your calendar to open it.
  2. Click the 'Promotion' tab
  3. If you haven't already connected any social media accounts, click the link to connect some.  This will take you to Settings > Social Media where you can connect some social profiles.
  4. Assuming you've connected some social profiles, when viewing the Promotion tab on a single piece of content, click "Add"
  5. Select the social profiles you want this to post to.
  6. Type the content of the social post.  You can use the handy "Title" and "Permalink" buttons to insert the item's title and/or URL into the message.
  7. Set the timing of this social media post, relative to the publish date/time of this piece of content.  Use the dropdowns to select the number of days, hours, and minutes after the publish time that this social post should be scheduled.  You can see the calculated date/time that this social post will be scheduled.

    If you leave these on "0", then this social post will publish at the same time that this piece of content is published.

    Note:  If the publish date/time for this piece of content changes, then this social post's scheduled time will change with it.  The number of days/hours/minutes past the content publish time will remain intact.
  8. When finished creating this social post, click the "Add" button.  This will add this post to the tentative queue.  Note:  It hasn't but saved yet.  You'll still need to click the "Save" button at the bottom.

    If you selected multiple social profiles, then multiple posts will be added to your tentative queue.
  9. When finished adding social posts and you're ready to save and officially schedule them, click the "Save" button at the bottom of the window.

    Once saved, you'll see these social posts listed here in the queue for this post.  You will also see them display on your calendar.