Connecting your Facebook account & Facebook Page

You can connect your Facebook account(s) so that you can queue posts to Facebook.

You'll be able to connect both your personal Facebook account as well as Facebook Pages.  In order to connect a Facebook Page(s), you'll first need to connect the personal Facebook account that manages those Facebook Page(s).

  1. Go to Settings > Social Media.
  2. Use the dropdown to select "Facebook"
  3. Authenticate your personal Facebook account.  Upon authentication, it should redirect you back to your AO Calendar social media settings.
  4. Your personal Facebook profile should be now be connected and ready to use.

Connecting Facebook Page(s)

You must first connect your personal Facebook account (the one that manages the Facebook Page(s) you wish to connect).

In your list of connected social accounts, next to your Facebook account, you'll see a dropdown where you can select any Pages that are managed by this Facebook account.  Select a page to connect it.

Once connected, you'll be able to queue posts to Facebook, either to your personal Facebook account and/or your Facebook Page(s).  You'll do this from the 'Promotion' tab when working on a single content item in your calendar.

Want to "hide" your personal Facebook account so that you don't accidentally post to it?  Simply click "hide" on that account.