Creating Your Account

When you sign up for Audience Ops Calendar for the first time, you will create your user profile, and your first Audience Ops account.

Your profile

Your user profile is associated with your email address.  You may choose to sign up using your Twitter or Google account credentials or by using your email address and creating a password.  You'll use this to log into Audience Ops Calendar and manage your account(s).

Your account(s)

At the time of signing up, you will also create your first Audience Ops account.  This is identified using the name of your company or organization.

You can purchase multiple Audience Ops accounts (or use our Agency plan which includes multiple accounts).  

Managing multiple accounts

Using your single profile login (your email address and password), you can manage and switch between multiple accounts if you own more than one.  

Use the account dropdown at the top-right corner to switch between your accounts, or to create an additional account (note: Creating additional accounts will increase your subscription fee or count against your plan's limit).